5 Social Media Tools Used by Professionals

  • LinkedIn profile. Professionals are well aware that this can allow you to post up your resume, and connect with employers and others in relatable fields, allowing you to broaden your professional network by finding business partners, clients, and service providers.
  • Create a Logo. Creating a phrase, image or word that depicts your personal image, can benefit your professional networking by creating a custom logo. Logos are an excellent way to allow others to easily recognize you and your personal brand, which enables you to differentiate yourself from others. Most established individuals do have personal logos.
  • Re-tweet/Re-post. Professionals constantly repost trending pictures or posts related to their careers and understand that it may attract those with similar interests or careers or potential clientele. You are also likely to get more followers this way, as well as by using hash tags.
  • Promote yourself. Sell yourself in such a way where employers would want to hire you. Advertise yourself so that others would want to get to know you on a professional level. Be positive, enthusiastic and interesting! Business professionals also discuss their successes whenever possible, without coming across as egotistical.
  • Be consistent. Those who established set out particular times during the week or day for internet socializing and branding through social media. This way you are not constantly spending hours on social media sites, and yet you are still checking in with your followers, connects, friends and bloggers.

Social networking is the use of dedicated websites to communicate informally or formally, with other members of the site by posting blogs, pictures, tweets and more. The benefits of social networking can be maximized professionally by incorporating some of these social media tools. Professionals are consistently self-marketing themselves on social media websites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, by targeting their main professional audience, connecting with them, and establishing new clientele while still maintaining their current and past contacts. A personal and professional branding image is also another way to utilize social media by differentiating yourself from others. Understand who you are and what it is you want to represent, and execute it through your branding image. There are personal branding gurus like William Arruda, who goes in depth on the topic of personal image and branding by inspiring others to positively promote themselves. Businesses are always looking for different ways to advertise and market, and one of the best (and free) ways is through the internet. Companies are able to promote, sell, and inform people about their products and promotions through these social media sites.  Not only do business try to sell themselves, but they also look forward to seeking potential job candidates online! Yes, it is true, companies and business are always hiring talented individuals and outspoken individuals through social media sites. The next person to get hired could be you!

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